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Dual Chelate Fertilizer Pty Ltd is a speciality fertilizer manufacturing company, specialising in advanced plant nutrition and using patented technology. We work with leading universities and scientists worldwide (including Australia, USA and Asia) to understand the most efficient technologies to transport nutrients into plants, and in translocation of different nutrients within plants where nutrient corrections are required. As a result of our extensive research and development work, we have been able to combine several advanced nutrient technologies together to introduce highly efficient Dual Chelation Technology. With this technology, organically derived fertilizer products are generally used – towards a healthier & sustainable future.

We are strategically located in South-Eastern Australia, in the Sunraysia region where Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia meet. This tri-state region is one of the major intensive horticulture production areas of Australia, where the majority of Australia’s almonds, table grapes, wine grapes, dried grapes and citrus are grown.

The technology inside our fertiliser.

Our patented Dual Chelation Technology delivers highly efficient nutrient formulations to Horticulture, Viticulture and Broadacre farming systems. With our technology partners, we research and develop break-through formulations that enhance product quality, the productivity of farming systems, and the return on investment for growers.

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We offer full range of fertilizer for broadacre farming that can be mixed with other farm chemicals to save on application cost.


We can deliver the convenient form; bulk liquid, bulk bags or whatever you have in mind.

Full range of fertilizer for broadacre farming

Our experienced agronomy team will give you free agronomy advice, whether you are using our product or not. We strive to maximise your production efficiency with precision tools. We can analyse your soil & plant tissue, and identify any abnormalities with aerial infrared technology before they affect your crop.

We aim to empower you with all the information required to make decisions yourself. That is what we call Precision Agriculture.

Agronomic services for precision agriculture
Lemon Tree
Uniquely formulated fertilizer for horticultural crops

We are manufacturing uniquely formulated fertilizer for horticultural crops for cost effective production.

We offer complete fertilizer program including fertigation and foliar applied fertilizer in convenient form to use. You can select either solid or liquid fertilizer convenient for your requirement.

We maintain the highest level of standards and quality 

As one of the few fertiliser companies in Australia to maintain an ISO 9001:2015 standard in fertiliser manufacturing, we take great pride in our ability to deliver the highest level of quality products to farmers in Australia.

Some of our services
Technical Meetings and Field Days

What some of our end users have to say about our products and services

"Dual Chelate Fertilizer provides outstanding products. The fertiliser is customised to our specifications. Their service is always above and beyond expectations."

— Andrew Peace

Andrew Peace Wines

Get in contact with us today to maximise your farming potentional
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