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Dual Chelation Technology

Dual Chelation Technology (DCT) is a patented and unique fertiliser formulation technology that was developed to deliver plant nutrients and minerals efficiently into plant tissues where nutrient corrections are required.

Dual Chelate Fertilizer unique technology addresses two key areas: efficient nutrition intake; and efficient transport within the plant. The Dual Chelated products contain uniquely formulated minerals and plant nutrients together with organically derived amino-acids, and a biologically highly active patented molecules (BAOM) range.

This technology uses 17 different organic Amino Acids to chelate minerals and plant nutrients. Organically derived amino-acid chelated minerals have a lower level of phytotoxicity and a higher level of penetration into plant tissues. The biologically active molecules used in this technology drive the nutrition to where it is required within the plant. Nutrient formulations developed with this technology increase crop resistance to drought, frost, salinity and disease stress. This unique combination results in an increase of quality characteristics of crops, including enhancement of natural flavours, colour, fruit firmness and shelf life.

The benefits of our technology

Increased Germination

Stronger Seedling Development

Increased Chlorophyll Production

Higher Stress Tolerance

Increased Root and Shoot Growth

Increased Nutrient Uptake

Producing Higher Yields

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